In 2010, my battle with acid reflux begun.  Initially, I had no idea what it was.  I went to doctor after doctor, trying to get rid of a nagging cough.  I took all sorts of meds, but to no avail.  Finally, I went to an ear, nose & throat specialist, who took one look at my throat and said "you have acid reflux"!  You could've knocked me over with a feather, as I had none of the classic symptoms, just that nagging cough that would not go away.

Anyway, I went to the gastroenterologist that had treated my parents, who wanted to do an upper GI, but being stubborn, I didn't want to go "under", so I initially refused.  He put my on "over the counter" antiacids, which not only didn't work, but I was allergic to it.  So, onto prescriptions, which I was also allergic to and didn't work.

Fast forward a few months, a good friend suggested I see Debbie.  Being at my wit's end with the persistent cough, I made the appointment.  She suggested an acid neutralizer, which I was initially hesitant to take, since I was allergic to everything I had taken to date.  To my amazement, after the initial dose, my cough subsided and noticeably so.  Within a week, I was no longer coughing and no longer woke up every morning with the taste of acid.

I credit Debbie with saving my life, because by the time, I decided to see her, I was not eating much, as eating precipitated the coughing and as such, I had lost and was continuing to lose weight.  I am now at a healthy weight and still on the acid neutralizer.

Thank you Debbie for all that you did for me,

Frances Arzu'

It is with great honor that I write a letter of recommendation and personal testimony for Debbie Beavers.

I have had the opportunity to co-manage patient care for a number of years with  Debbie.  I have repeatedly witnessed the amazing results patients experience when they are dedicated to regaining their health and committed to making the necessary changes in lifestyle, diet and compliance with our recommendations.  What  Debbie does that is, not only the exception, but is what also produces outstanding results, is that she comprehensively designs a custom plan.  A customized plan includes bio-chemically assessing at a cellular level, each organ system and that unique individuals bio-identity.  She utilized cutting edge technology that not only accurately measures the bio-frequencies but also brings them back into balance so that health can be restored.  Debbie is the very best at not only addressing what caused the problem and what lifestyle changes are necessary to regain health but maintain a wellness level.  Her analysis finds and corrects problems before they manifest as a symptoms or disease--truly prevenattive medicine.  Along with treatment received at her office she emphasizes the importance of changing the root cause of the problem including addressing the persons emotion and spiritual well being.
I graduated from Chiropractic College in 1989.  I have always sought many different ways to help my patients.  I not only balance people structurally but also address nutritional, emotional and spiritual needs as well.  But knowledge will not heal you--actually sometimes it just muddies the water.  We all need help and no one can stand-alone--we need a healthcare team.  Several years ago I had a health crisis and after thousands of dollars of testing with the very best the medical and holistic profession had to offer, I could not get myself stabilized for any period of time. Debbie was the only person that got to the root cause each visit, treated, guided and directed me back to my health and sanity.  She linked everything together and prioritized how my body needed to heal.  I was diligent in keeping my appointments and doing exactly what she said--I let her be in charge of getting my life back.  I continue my wellness visits to maintain this correction and balance.  Debbie also takes care of my children and family.  We had her do iridology on my entire family.  This was absolutely amazing to see the genetics and similarities as well as what each persons potential 'challenge' or 'weakness' was--through this knowledge we are preventing future disease from manifesting by being proactive with our healthcare.
I have the utmost faith, confidence and belief as well as personal experiences that Debbie is not only exceptionally professionally trained and knowledgeable, but truly is called by God to serve others.
If you will do what she says, you will get well--if what you were doing was working you wouldn't be here!

Dr. Grace Pavlovsky, D.C., C.C.S.T.



Hi, my name is Tyler Fortenberry and I’m 11 years old. I’ve been going to Miss Debbie for almost 9 months. Before I started coming here I was having horrible stomach cramps, diarrhea and migraines for years. The medical doctors I was seeing could not figure out what was wrong and told my mom there wasn’t anything wrong with me. All of the medicines they were giving me were only hurting me worse. One medicine they gave me for my diarrhea would make me throw up and then they would give me another medicine to make me stop and it would make me break out in a rash and they would give me another medicine for the rash and it would cause my stomach to cramp…and on and on…so by the time I went to Miss Debbie, there were sores on my face that weren’t healing no matter what we put on them and my skin color was gray. The cramps, diarrhea and headaches had kept me out of school for 18 days just this past year. The constant pain I was in was unbearable and I had endured it for many years. During this time, my parents were doing everything they could. I had been going to another doctor and she helped me as much as she could with some relief, but after a while my symptoms got worse again and she realized she could no longer help me. She advised us to go to Miss Debbie.
On January 14, 2011 we saw Miss Debbie and after talking to me and doing a compass, she figured out what was wrong with me. She took me off of all sugars, grains, fruit and anything from the pig for 2 weeks. She also gave me a custom homeopath and some essential oils to use on different parts of my body. (She also put me on some probiotics and two different natural things to help immediately with my stomach pain) She asked me to keep a daily diary of everything that I ate….within 4 days of starting this new way of eating and my homeopaths and essential oils, the sores on my face started to clear up and my stomach pain and diarrhea had gotten better, enough for me to go back to school. I also ended up losing 14 lbs just within the first two weeks.
Some of the foods I ate were eggs, sugar free bread, sugar free jelly with real peanut butter, lots of lean turkey, turkey bacon (which if you cook it in olive oil and butter is really good!) turkey wraps (which is a romaine lettuce leaf with turkey meat and cheese in it) There is also a chip called Tweeds that I would put cut up turkey and cheese on top of it and eat. I started drinking Almond milk but it hurt my stomach so mom bought me Coconut milk and it was ok. We sometimes got to have Diet Coke with Splenda in it. I started using Truvia in my tea and coffee. My mom cooked with lots of olive oil and garlic when she cooked meats. We had to start reading what was in our foods and started eating the food with low or no sugar, and NO MSGs. Mom started buying organic foods and cooking with lots of fresh vegetables that she grew in our garden. Miss Debbie told me to start drinking lots of water and G2 (to replace electrolytes in my body) After just 2 weeks I was able to have fresh fruit again, but only within an hour of waking up. It took a while to get used to eating like this but I felt so much better ALL the time and I was finally able to sleep all night and I could concentrate in class. In the past I wasn’t able to participate in any kind of sport or school activity because I was so sick all of the time. Now I have tons more energy, am playing football for 2 hours a day and could even play more! I have to run a mile every week at school and have gotten as low as 7 mins 30 seconds! I also go with my mom, dad and sister to the track to run and exercise. And sometimes I do football workouts with my dad on the days that I don’t go to practice!
I know that without Miss Debbie’s help, knowledge and support, I could have never done any of this. My family and friends have seen what I have gone through and the changes that have happened and what Miss Debbie has done for me, and were so astonished at the changes, that they have also started going to Miss Debbie and have seen major changes in themselves! My papaw started going and the changes in him were so drastic that I couldn’t believe it! I am very grateful that he started seeing Miss Debbie too.
I understand that what Miss Debbie does is VERY important and could help so many people. Some people don’t believe in what she does, but I am proof that it works! The difference in me is so big and lots of people notice it. I am thankful for Miss Debbie and the things she has taught me and my family and for helping to make me feel better!

Tyler Fortenberry

Durenda Hall's testimony: WOW WOW WOW
I was so impressed with the website... It shares a lot about you and your business. I just love the pictures. And I want to write a testimony too. So let me know how to submit it to you.. I really loved seeing those precious grandchildren.. Oh my gosh how they have grown. were has time gone. It really is going by just to fast for us.... As I sit here and write this I just keep thanking God for crossing our paths. You have been ONE OF THE GREATEST BLESSINGS my family has ever received.... I pray for you daily that God will continue to bless you as you heal others. And that HIS grace and love will fill you to overflowing... Thanks for being the worlds greatest doctor of naturopathy and our special friend. Love you Durenda and Sonny Hall
    Have a great day-------- Counting Your Blessings   


My name is Connie Callis and I am 63 years old.  Throughout my life I was physically active and for the most part healthy.  I did occasionally have bronchitis on and off as a child; however, I participated in sports and outdoor events.  I have smoked cigarettes since I was 14 years old, but was still able to live a normal life.  I was always very active, even as an adult.  I sold insurance door to door for a living in Brazoria, Matagorda, and Harris Counties.  I then went on to manage other businesses and apartments until I quit working in order to take care of my sick mother.  In the summer of 1998 I started having severe attacks of acute chronic bronchitis that took me to the emergency room.  I also coughed up blood occasionally so the doctors gave me medication to help me breathe.  This medication did help sustain me for a season.

 Over the next few years I was put through many different tests and medications until finally on June 29, 2005 I was diagnosed with COPD.  The Doctors then put me on strong antibiotics, inhalers, and more medication to help loosen phlegm.  I stayed on all of these for two years, but my health was not improving.  I was still having trouble breathing so much that I couldn’t even catch my breath.  By 2007 I was put on breathing treatments four to five times a day, plus an inhaler in-between, Advair, and antibiotics all of the time.  If I got a mild sinus infection or the sniffles, I would have a severe asthma attack that left me lifeless.  I was miserable and my quality of life had gone downhill to almost nonexistent.     

By November of 2009 it had only gotten worse.  I couldn’t sleep laying down most of the time, or exercise at all.  In fact I couldn’t even walk across a parking lot without having to stop, sit down and take a breathing treatment.  When I went to my Grandson’s Marine graduation in San Diego, California I used a scooter to get around; however, I still had to take my breathing treatments and medication.  I was physically dying.  Everything in my body was shutting down due to the damage that had been done.  I realized that if I wanted to live, I needed to begin to rebuild my body from the inside out.

I had been to Debbie Beavers, Doctor of  Naturopathy, several times in the past and knew her knowledge in homeopathic healing.  She made suggestions about using essential oils and herbal remedies to rid my body of illness.  I began to follow a strict program using her suggestions daily.  Her knowledge and wisdom of the body and how it cooperates with natural oils and herbs is priceless.  Therefore I relied on my faith in God and the program she suggested I follow, and today I am a walking miracle. 

For two and a half months I have not had a breathing treatment, an inhaler, or any type of antibiotics.  I also quit smoking on June 6, 2010.  I can now push my vacuum cleaner and do housework without getting winded or sick.  I am now able to walk across a parking lot without sitting down.  I am getting physically stronger everyday.  I can now enjoy life once again.

I thank God for sending me to Debbie.  I am  grateful for dedication she has to the natural health profession.  My life has been changed, as well as, my family’s lives.  I pray God blessings on Debbie and her family.


Connie Callis



Re: Natural Healing

My name is John Gray and I’d like to share a healing testimony that has changed my life and hopefully will change yours as well.  I’ve had hepatitis C for over 25 years.  I’ve been through chemotherapy and interferon treatments two different times only to have the virus return.

My family doctor advised me to try a third round of poisoning, but with much reservation, prayer and through a turn of events, which I am sure was divinely orchestrated, I was referred to Debbie.

My first visit was extraordinary.  I was blown away with the amount of knowledge she conveyed on natural healing.  But most of all I was impressed with her sincere compassion and her desire to see her patients healed.  This is truly a rare commodity in the realm of modern medicine.

Debbie gave me a great sense of peace as she assured me that with the right diet and homeopathic protocol that she could indeed help me to get rid of this fatal disease for good.

A short year and a half later, I am ecstatic to tell you that the viral load that started at 13,530,000 has dropped an astounding 80% to 2,899,200 without any chemical poisoning or harmful synthetics.

I can only give thanks to my faithful God and to His faithful servants such as Debbie, my Doctor of Naturopathy and my friend.  I whole heartedly refer her to all my friends and to any one that is in search of a nonintrusive natural healing without the destructive side effects of mainstream pharmaceuticals.

The choice is yours, I pray you choose life.

May you live long, prosper in your health and may God bless you abundantly.

Sincerely yours:

John B. Gray


 Debbie, it has been almost three years.  Boy, you have made some great strides helping me. (I feel great - lost my fear of heights - no more cholesterol remedy – blood pressure in check – eating well and overall health super) 

Jerry Wheeler

Thanks Debbie, I’m off blood pressure remedy, off most of my sugar, hormones ok, drinking water, working on the cholesterol remedy.  Feeling great and doing good.

Sam (Sandra) Wheeler

Last year I bought a pair of pants size M.  Today they are 4” too big in the waist.  I’ve lost this since March when I began going to Debbie.

Bobbie Pyeatt

I came to Debbie 8 weeks ago with leg and knee pain, and I also had to go to the restroom 6 to 8 times at night.  Now my pain is gone from my leg and knee, I go only one maybe two times at night.   

Joe H. Sepeda

I’ve not been able to fit into any jeans for years because my waist was so big.  At the first of April I tried on a pair of petite 16’s and they fit perfect without laying on the bed to suck in my gut.  Then because they were actually too big in the thighs and legs I tried on a pair of petite 14’s, they fit too with just a little squeezing.  My husband said, I was dreaming or possibly had a girdle on, but not so.  I shocked him.  My shirt size has gone down from a 22 to large ladies.  Slacks are 12.  Dresses are 16. 

Also one night I was walking down the hall and felt of my stomach.  I was scared because I felt a hard ball on my stomach, then I realized it was my stomach muscle.  I hadn’t felt that for so long because of the huge mass of fat over the muscle that I didn’t even recognize muscle anymore.  I’m relieved it’s only muscle not a tumor.  Keep tuned, more to come. 

Bobbie Anderson

I took my mother, who is 73 years old, on May 8th to the local Lutheran Church where Debbie was seeing clients.  Debbie was very thorough in examination and took the time to find out what medications she was taking and explained the side affects of the medications.  She told her in just two weeks she could help my mother feel healthier than she has felt in a long time.  She put my mother on a machine to see exactly where the problems were occurring in her body.  She checked her heart, thyroid, liver, and other organs.  She located her problem areas and gave her some natural remedys.  My mother decided to stop taking her conventional medications, and use Debbie’s natural remedy.

My mother followed Debbie’s instructions for two weeks and went back for a follow up visit.  My mother’s exam was excellent and she feels great.  She has not been able to kneel in church since 1985, and now she can.  She has more energy than ever before and is even doing yard work.

Thanks Debbie, I no longer have hot flashes and I don’t need a fan at night to sleep.  My husband thanks you for that. 

Silvia Junot

I want everyone, including you, to know the wonderful progress I have made in my health.  At one time I was sick and diseased.  I remember laying on my sofa and wondering how I was going to live my life because I was so ill I couldn’t even do the normal everyday things we take for granted.  I prayed and asked God to help me.  This moment of desperation was the beginning of my journey to health.  After trying traditional remedys and Allopathic treatments, I began to seek alternative remedys , natural products and diet changes in order to make myself well again.  I believe that God brought into my path the food, herbs, knowledge and individual,  I needed to achieve health and wellness.  Less than stellar is probably the understatement of Debbie’s naturopath career.  I was elated that Debbie was able to test the products I was taking at the time and tell me which ones my body needed and which ones were not needed at the moment.  Debbie prescribed a scientific plan of eating, and supplements that were designed to work with and assist every organ system in my body to heal itself.  Over a period of about 2 years I have achieved phenomenal results.  Develping a sound plan for nutrition and using the right herbs and supplements at the right time when my body needs them has turned my hit and miss journey to healt into a focused effective achievable plan.  I do not have time to go through all of the changes but to name a few…my hair has grown back, my periods are normal, I can think straight, I am not fatigued, my heart is stronger… I can say without reservation that I am healthier and happier today than when I had my first visit.

Thank you Debbie for using the gifts that God has given her and to encourage anyone who might be contemplating using natural remedy.


Thank you for being a very caring person and easy to talk to, when I came to your office.  I have be going to a herbalist for over five years and I never had relief from pain in my joints until I came to Perfect 10 seven months ago.

I went to my family doctor to be tested for lupus.  He did two different blood tests and they came back positive, so my doctor wanted to send me to a rheumatologist.  I made my appointment and it was going to be four weeks before I went, so Debbie made me a homeopathic for lupus and when I went to the rheumatologist, he did the same blood work that my family doctor did and they came back negative.  God Bless You!

Gwen Danford

Prior to my first visit with Debbie, I was taking over the counter pain medication daily for shoulder pain.  My first visit was on 9/6/08; today 10/24/08 was my third visit with Debbie.  I have not taken any pain medication in over a month for my shoulder pain.  My shoulder pain is not completely gone, but it is nothing like it was just 8 weeks ago.  Also, I’ve been able to quit my daily consumption of sugar filled sodas thanks to Debbie’s nutritional advice.

Because of Debbie’s care and guidance I feel much better today.  Thanks Debbie

Terri Anderson

Debbie has managed to get my cholesterol under control, naturally of course.  For the first time in 5 years both my triglycerides and HDL are within normal limits.  I didn’t have to take any prescriptions medication to achieve this goal.

Proper diet and exercise and of course the right doctor of naturopathy has made all the difference.  Thank you Debbie

Jennifer Mueller

This is the best I have ever felt in my life.  Not only emotionally but physically and it is all because I have been taking the following supplements requested by Debbie.  Test she performed on me which was the New Sun Compass test:  1)HGH Hormone 2)Capsilum 3) Herbal Cal 4)MonaVie – I love you mom, your awesome!

Siggi Shea Beavers

When I first stated seeing Debbie Beavers I was skeptical to say the least.  I didn’t see how a change in eating habits could affect my overall health.  I was extremely surprised to learn otherwise.  Not only has the change in diet helped control my blood pressure it also helped in other ways.  My depression which I had been fighting with for years, abated.  I had more energy, it reduced my chronic pain symptoms, my mental “fog” cleared and I am able to think and remember things better.  My digestive problems have gone away and I am able to eat whatever I want.

The best part of all was the fact that I lost 18 lbs in 7 weeks, and I am able to keep it off without much effort on my part.  My stomach, which I never thought would be flat again, is once agiain under control.  I didn’t .ook at myself in the mirror, because I never liked what I saw.  Now people I know tell me how good I look and how much better and healthier my face looks, so when I look in the mirror now I like what I see for the first time in a long time.  

The only thing left to say in Thank You Debbie Beavers and I’m glad you were there.  I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t met you.  God Bless You!


Since I started Debbie’s program in February 2009, I have lost 18 lbs, had my blood pressure stabilize, seen a big improvement/reduction in headaches and Debbie says I smile more.  It’s good to feel better.  Thanks, Debbie! 

Sherry Gray

I’m 13 years old and I had bad headaches for several years.  After seeing Debbie, within 2 weeks my headaches went away and I breathe better. Also my neck was enlarged and I couldn’t put my hands around it.  My doctor was concerned that I may have thyroid problems so he’s been having me take blood work for the past 3 years.  Everything showed to be normal.  Debbie did find my thyroid was off.  Within 2 weeks of seeing her, the swelling went down and I now can put my hands around my neck even have extra room.  I even lost weight and my acne started to clear up.  If feel a lot better now. 


I saw Debbie for the first time just over 2 weeks ago.  In the process of trying to get my body free of toxins, I noticed something wonderful I have had knee pain for at least 10 years and now for the first time in years there is no pain and I am able to do stairs easily.  I am feeling not just better physically but also mentally.  Thanks Debbie!

Darla Skidgell

I spent the 25+ years going to the doctor to doctor. My first visit was on August 5, 2011. After 2 months my life in longer just existing. I now know that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming, but is the true light. Don't know what to say other than, I just followed the suggestions of  Debbie. She educated me on the means of controlling my health. This would not have been possible if not for  Debbie's passion, wisdom, and positive attitude.

Thank you very much
God Bless

Kelly J. Goodson

*Taking only customized supplements & homeopathies for extreme anxiety since August 5th.

Dear Jesse Miller and Debbie J. Brown,

I am so excited to share with you, really shout out to Brazoria County, the wealth of knowledge, that Debbie Beavers, Doctor of Naturopathy, and Author, has to teach and guide oneself into a healthy state of living.

I have a remarkable story of healing to share, and it is near and dear to my heart, because it is about my Mother, Connie.  My Mom had been diagnosed with COPD, which is a debilitating, treacherous disease.  This disease had taken control of my Mother's life, and though her MD was monitoring her, giving her all the medications that she needed, she was slowly deteriorating.  She couldn't walk 20 ft without needing a breathing treatment, she could no longer handle the day to day activities that one must take on just to be a Wife & run her household, we didn't think we would have her much longer,she was in a scooter in order to make the trip to see her Grandson graduate from Marine Core boot camp, that was a very hard trip, but we were holding on to God's promises and asking for wisdom and direction.

Our Father met Debbie's Husband, and said that my Mom should go and see her.  My Mother did just that, and my family to this day, knows that God used the wealth of knowledge at A Perfect 10, Debbie Beavers, Doctor of Naturopathy, to cause my Mother's body to line up and begin to heal itself, as God intended our bodies to do.

This relationship began sometime around November of 2009, today......My Mother, not only is she able to enjoy her life, care for her family, she also is scooter free, and now works for Debbie Beavers.  She is living proof, that when you start giving your body what it needs, it will began to heal itself!

What I would love to see happen, Jesse, Debbie, is for you to show up at A Perfect 10, and do a story on My Mother, and the wealth of knowledge Debbie Beavers has as a Dr. Of Naturopathy.

The world deserves to hear of this kind of hope and path to regaining a healthy life.

A Perfect 10 is located in Brazoria, 209 Louisiana St.   Phone # 979-798-5717

Thank you,

Tricia Dodds Tucker


At age 38, I was diagnosed with lupus and two years late with ankylosing spondilitis. Now ten years later, I have tried all of the medications recommended for these autoimmune diseases. Some of them worked for a period of time and others either did not or there were adverse reactions. These autoimmune diseases left me with swollen and painful joints, limited range of motion, and a lack of energy among other symptoms. I never felt well anymore.

In June 2009, I was removed from all medication because my white cell count and hemoglobin levels had fallen too low. Some months earlier, my husband had been given Debbie Beavers name and phone number and told to call and she could help. I made an appointment in July and the results have been amazing. By altering my diet and using the custom homeopathic remedy, my quality of life has greatly improved. The swelling is gone and the pain is minimized greatly. And I have energy again! Yeah! My family has been amazed by the difference it has made for us all.

Thanks so much for all that you have done to assist me in improving my health! It has made a world of difference.

Beth Becerra :o)

Since I first began seeing Debbie I have seen many changes in my health. I am off medications, asthma has greatly improved, lost 20 lbs, my energy level has improved, and I am learning how to eat healthy to feel my best and have an active part in my physical health.

Thanks Debbie for all you do!

Lori Blunck Purcell

Debbie, thank you for the wonderful seminar.

Being around you was the best part, you make anybody feel good. The reminder of how poison sugar is was just the confirmation I needed. I KNOW it but I too have slipped back into eating it. Didn't have one thing sweet yesterday, LOL...Will call you and set up time for massage and trying to decide about the scan, I know I want it just gotta see when. I will tell Cynthia and she will call for an appointment. She needs something calming in her life and I know it will be pure pleasure for her!

thank you sweet lady,,,,,,,,Love you,
Sue Abshire

Dear Debbie

I want everyone, including you, to know the wonderful progress I have made in my health. At one time I was sick and diseased.  I remember laying on my sofa and wondering how I was going to live my life because I was so ill I couldn't even do the normal everyday things we take for granted.  I prayed and asked God to help me.  This moment of desperation was the beginning of my journey to health. After trying traditional medicines and Allopathic treatments, I began to seek alternative medicines, natural products and diet changes in order to make myself well again.  I believe that God brought into my path the food, herbs, knowledge and individuals,  I needed to achieve health and wellness.

Before I met Debbie I had never been to a Naturopath. So far on my journey to health and wellness I had basically done a lot of self education and tried the hit and miss method of finding the right herbs and natural substances that would assist my body in healing itself. I met Debbie at my work and of course any time I meet a like minded individual I had to strike up a conversation about alternative healing. Debbie listened enthusiastically as I told her the products that I took and what they were supposed to be doing for me at the time.  Being the kind and encouraging individual that Debbie is, she did not criticize me but instead congratulated me on my quest for better health.  After listening and encouraging me Debbie looked me right in the eyes and went down a list of problems that I was having and what needed to be treated on me right at the moment.  I was shocked! I had not divulged any of the health problems that I was having and yet this woman was able to tell me exactly what was going on with my health in just a matter of minutes.

I made an appointment to come and see Debbie. I brought with me the products I was taking at the time.  My first visit I really did not know what to expect and I was both excited and apprehensive. Debbie spent a very long time asking me questions about my life and all of the experiences that I have had and how they affected me. After finding out about me the person, Debbie began the tests.  I knew that even though I was trying to gain better health I still had problems and I knew I had a long way to go before reaching the ideal.  I knew the results of the tests were going to be less than stellar.

Less than stellar is probably the understatement of Debbie's Naturopath career.  There were certain organ systems that were so weak that Debbie couldn't look me in the eye when the readings came out.  I was not that surprised because I knew that I was having problems.  I was experiencing hair loss, weight gain, irregular heart beats, chest pains, heavy and irregular periods, fatigue, brain fog, and chronic intestinal disorders, (the allopaths thought I might have Crohn's disease and wanted to begin testing for that disorder).

I was elated that Debbie was able to test the products I was taking at the time and tell me which ones my body needed and which ones were not needed at the moment.  Debbie prescribed a scientific plan of eating, and supplements that were designed to work with and assist every organ system in my body to heal itself. Over a period of about 2 years I have achieved phenomenal results.  Developing a sound plan for nutrition and using the right herbs and supplements at the right time when my body needs them has turned my hit and miss journey to health into a focused effective achievable plan.  I do not have time to go through all of the changes but to name a few....my hair has grown back, my periods are normal, I can think straight, I am not fatigued, my heart is stronger........ I can say without reservation that I am healthier and happier today than when I had my first visit

This letter is to thank Debbie for using the gifts that God has given her and to encourage anyone who might be contemplating using natural medicine.

Many Thanks

Your Friend Cheryl

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